As a successful business owner, you have nurtured your business and experienced growth over the last few years. As a result, you’re quickly outgrowing your current space and it’s time to start considering options. You decide to buy land and build a space which can accommodate your growth, as well as future expansion. 

Your first step is to make a deal on a piece of land that is in the perfect location. Everything progresses well until you find out the land you purchased won’t be able to accommodate the warehouse you plan to build. In addition, there are some major environmental issues with the land that will prevent you from moving forward. Now you’re stuck with a piece of property you can’t use, and are behind on breaking ground on your larger space. 

This scenario happens more often than you think. The average commercial broker simply doesn’t have the training or experience to be able to see many of the red flags which can arise prior to purchase. Extensive research must be completed before a parcel can be deemed the right fit for any business prior to purchase. 

At The Dikman Company, we understand the importance of digging deep to research and understand the property our client is considering. That’s why we have experts on our team who thoroughly research every piece of land before we recommend it to our clients. Identifying these red flags early in the process is what we do best.