About Us

The Dikman Company is Tampa Bay’s premier commercial real estate brokerage. Located in Tampa, Florida, Chairman and CEO Robert ‘Bob’ Dikman is a fourth generation real estate legacy.

The story begins in Amityville, NY where Bob’s step-great grandfather Berger had a successful real estate career. His son Fred Berger, Bob’s step-grandfather, took over the business and moved it to New York City.

At one time, The Fred Berger building was a landmark in Manhattan, but the Great Depression wiped out most real estate fortunes. Fortunately, Fred was able to rebuild his wealth, and retired to Florida in the late 1950’s.

Bored with retirement, Fred opened Fred Berger and Associates, a St. Pete Beach real estate legend. One of the first deals Fred did was to sell Long Boat Key, owned by the John and Mable Ringling Estate in 1961, to Arthur Vining Davis (ARVIDA) for the sum of $16,000,000; at the time, one of the largest real estate deals ever done in Florida! Fred Berger died at 93 years of age, still working and the oldest working Realtor on record at the time clocking in 76 years in the profession.

Father George H. Dikman, started the George H. Dikman Agency in the early 1950’s in downtown St. Petersburg, selling insurance and real estate. Over the years he sold to the legendary recluse, Ed Wright, hundreds of acres of land that later became known as the Gateway area of St. Petersburg. Father George sold the Agency in the early 1980’s but continued to sell and manage his real estate holdings.

A Family Legacy in Tampa Bay Commercial Real Estate

Carrying on the real estate legacy, Bob Dikman started The Dikman Company in Tampa in 1983 and provides its clients throughout Florida with a full range of commercial real estate services.

These services include:

Bob Dikman, one of Tampa Bay’s most acknowledged commercial/industrial real estate experts, is supported by a carefully selected, experienced, and extremely competent support team.

The result is highly professional service that is fast, responsive, creative, and cost effective, while achieving – and, surpassing – each client’s goals.

The Dikman Company: Raising the Bar in Customer Satisfaction!

For more information about The Dikman Company, please e-mail Bob Dikman or call (813) 251-5288.