By: Ben Dikman, Vice President, The Dikman Company
I’m a big fan of  CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) shows on
television. I especially enjoy the final court room drama scenes that
always come up during the final 15 minutes of the show. Those powerhouse
attorneys battle it out to the bitter end, pulling out all punches, and doing
whatever it takes to get their case to win. That’s pretty impressive
In many ways the ‘tough as nails’ attorneys are doing for their clients the same thing that good tenant representatives do for their clients! A tenant representative works exclusively for his client to insure that he or she will get the best deal possible in
leasing a property. I’m often asked ‘why’ it is so important to work with a
tenant representative during a lease negotiation and I usually pose the
question: “Would you go to court without an attorney?
Think about it. Don’t you want someone on your side of the table working hard to negotiate the best lease, get the best terms, and complete the transaction with less stress?
And remember, just like with attorneys, selecting the right
representative can make all the difference in the world!