Using Synergy From Associations to Benefit Clients

Synergy is defined as ‘the combined effort being greater then the parts: the working together of two or more people, organizations, or things, especially when the result is greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities.’

Synergy is the reason that associations are founded. Together, the member benefit of professional growth and development is far greater in an association than as a single individual.  Because we are members of several associations, we tap into the 2 major ways professional growth occurs – continuing learning in our field through the presentations, workshops and conferences professional groups sponsor, along with networking with other professionals in our industry.

The benefits to our clients are easily recognized. We are informed and current about trends in our industry, not only on a local level, but a national and global level as well. We know the outlook for the economy and can advise our client so that the decision making process is easier and confidence levels are higher.

In short, we stay involved with our associations so we can present our clients with the most current and reliable information available.

For more information about our associations, you can visit them online.