By: Bob Dikman ALC, CCIM, CRB, SIOR

Chairman & CEO, The Dikman Company




Auto racing and commercial realcestate have more in common than you might think. This past month I hadcthe opportunity to participate in a race that drove (no pun intended)cthat message home to me on all levels. I was honored to be asked to serve againcas an official spotter for the Rolex 24 the weekend of January 28th. If you are
not familiar with what a spotter actually does during the race, let me explain.

The spotter is assigned to a specific car and driving team. It is the spotter’s sole responsibility to guide and inform the drivers of what is happening behind them and beside them onvthe track. One small error could not only cost them the race, but it could put them in danger of being hit by another driver. The spotter and the drivers must
become a unified team during the entire race, with the spotter acting as the
eyes for the driver and the drivers trusting and relying on the spotter’s

In commercial real estate, this same approach is critical in relationships we form with our clients andvcustomers. In a sense, we become their ‘spotters’. They rely on us for our knowledge, experience and expertise. They expect us to find the best possible
deal for them, and most importantly, they trust and depend on us during the
entire transaction.

So, whether you are at a racevtrack spotting for a professional driver or driving down Kennedy Blvd. ‘spotting’ for a commercial real estate client, the same outcome
is desired……provide them with exemplary service, guidance and expertise to
help them achieve their goal….which is to win the race!