By Erika Zipfel Matscherz

“Is anybody out there? Anybody there?
Does anybody wonder? Anybody care?”

You probably recognize these words from Def Leppard’s famously infamous song, “Foolin.” Although this may date me slightly, who didn’t (and still does) LOVE some Def Leppard?

Well…these words were being sorrowfully declared by my newest client. He wasn’t joyfully quoting Def Leppard’s well-known lyrics when I answered his email request for help to find downtown office space for his company. He was quite simply at a loss as to why it was so difficult and practically impossible to get someone, anyone to respond to his numerous requests to various brokers for assistance. He had exhausted the search on his own and decided to reach out to a professional for assistance. When I answered his email, he explained to me that he had reached out to many local brokers and hadn’t gotten a single response…..until he called me. I was happy to assist him in finding a new property for his company and made sure I proved to him that at The Dikman Company, we pride ourselves in Raising the Bar!