By Erika Zipfel Matscherz

Many real estate companies, especially the small, boutique-sized ones, try to handle their own marketing. After all, saving money is important, right? For years, we did all our own marketing. The problem is when business is good and everyone is busy, this is one of the first things that gets dropped. What would you choose to spend your time on if time is off the essence – preparing the next newsletter that needs to get done or showing a property to an interested Tenant? Leasing your vacant space gets instant revenue; however, spending 8 hours on the next company newsletter, doesn’t. So, yes, marketing is one of the first things that goes to the wayside when we are super busy. And, who isn’t busy?

The benefits of hiring a professional marketing company are invaluable. Whether it be for company newsletters, producing direct mail pieces to market available listings, or designing and updating your website, a skilled marketing company can make the difference between just “getting it done and getting it done right”. A marketing company can take the time to make sure you are targeting the right customers, ensure your message and branding are both concise and powerful, and offer professional design.

We find it’s best to stick to our unique ability – offering our clients excellent commercial and real estate services and let our marketing company do their job by making us look good.