By Erika Zipfel Matscherz

Do you feel appreciated?
How often do you feel appreciated?
Isn’t it amazing when someone does something so unexpected that makes you realize YOU are appreciated!?!
Most of us work so hard every day…….doing all we can to succeed, be productive, excel, be a good employee or employer, be a good parent, Mom or Dad, son or daughter, etc.
At The Dikman Company, we pride ourselves in exceeding customer expectations. One way we achieve this is by visiting our Tenants in person on a quarterly basis to check in and see how they are doing. During this visit, we take them a Tenant Appreciation gift such as pizza for the staff, bagels and cream cheese, donuts, or sandwiches for lunch. We take the time to sit down with them and find out how ‘they’ are doing…….how is their business? Have they outgrown their space and need more square footage? Do they have any roof leaks? Are there any issues they would like to make us aware of? Taking the time to check in with your Tenants can make a world of difference. We continue to be amazed at how much our small effort means to our Tenants and find that the small things really do matter.