By: Ben Dikman, Vice President, The Dikman Company
I recently put my house on the  market. Because I live in Brandon but spend most of my time (both personal and  professional) in South Tampa, it makes perfect sense for me to live there. When I contacted a Realtor to begin showing me potential homes to purchase, I was  very specific with my geographic request:
South TampaIt is the ‘right’ place for me (the client). As a commercial Realtor, I have  started utilizing this practice more and more with my clients. Not just in terms  of geographic location, but also in terms of space layout/design and neighboring  businesses. Let me give you an example, we currently have a retail property for lease in Valrico, which  is ideal for a bank or credit union. The bank that currently  occupies the space will be vacating in May of this year. Could this space be  occupied by a business other than a bank or credit union? It probably could be;  however, a bank or credit union is the ‘right‘ client for this  space. Therefore, our marketing efforts are targeting the ideal client – a bank  or credit union.  In fact, we are so committed to having a bank lease this  space, we are offering a $5,000 bonus to the Realtor who brings us the  ‘ideal’ client. (Call for details)
We have another space for rent  in our building at 1315 S. Howard  Avenue. This space is ideal for someone in the medical field as it would be  the perfect compliment to the two other health care professionals who currently lease with us. It’s all about creating a synergy among the tenants. You wouldn’t really want to put a butcher shop next to a vegetarian market, would you?
As Commercial Realtors, it is our job to find the ideal property for our clients to lease or purchase. While location and price are always huge factors, they are not the only two driving forces. You have to dig a little deeper, play matchmaker with your clients, and
provide them with the best possible location available….the ideal  location for their business to succeed!.