Bob Dikman, Chairman & CEO

As some of you may know, I am an active member of SIOR (Society of Industrial and Office Realtors). This year I am honored and proud to have been appointed to the position of Speaker of the Council of Presidents. I am a strong believer and supporter of this excellent commercial and industrial real estate association.

One of the newest endeavors set forth by SIOR was the formation of the Independent Brokerage Group in May of last year. The purpose of the Independent Brokerage Group (“IBG”) is to create and sustain a network of highly qualified, independent SIOR brokers across the country to collaborate, share information and enhance business opportunities for its members.

Independent Brokers make up 45% of the entire SIOR network. This is a powerful group of high level brokers from around the world! SIOR is comprised of 2990 members from 630 cities in 31 countries around the globe.

The opportunity to network and build business with my fellow SIOR members and the IBG offers endless opportunities for my clients and customers. As an independent broker, the formation of the IBG gives me the opportunity to better serve my clients with all of their commercial real estate needs. It allows  me to have a global stance and position that was before unattainable. In addition, this elite group is comprised of the highest level of expertise, experience and knowledge. It’s nice to be part of such prestigious group and to be able to extend these benefits to my client base.