Ben Dikman

In the ever changing world of  real estate, one thing I have learned is that your life can get pretty crazy.  Between listing appointments, showing property, managing properties, dealing  with tenants and landlords our days are often non-stop, action packed, and at times stressful. Our personal lives and  activities sometimes get pushed to the back burner as we try to accomplish (and  complete) our never-ending ‘to do’ list.
Before I made commercial real
estate my profession, I spent several years in the corporate sector. Life was
pretty structured. I worked from 9 – 5 pm, came home and worked out, had dinner
at 7, went to bed at 10….and then got up the next day and did the SAME
. Needless to say, that type of monotony can get pretty old.
In commercial real estate, I  enjoy the challenges, flexibility and diversity that comes with the job.  However, I had to set some personal boundaries as well.  I had to set aside  personal time for myself and my family; it comes with the territory of being an
entrepreneur. We tend to love what we do so much that we become ‘addicted’ to
the job. I have incorporated three habits that I wanted to share with you.
I have found them to be helpful in maintaining balance in our not so balanced
1. Schedule your  personal time the same way you would a client appointment or meeting.  For me that means I have a standing 8 am appointment at my gym.
2. Realize that it is  OK to take time off on a Wednesday afternoon if your schedule permits.  Part of the reward for being in this industry is that you don’t punch a time
clock. You are responsible for your own time management.
3. Don’t be a cell  phone slave. I know friends and colleagues that NEVER
turn off their phones. That is insane. I make it a practice to turn off my phone
at 10 in the evening and turn it back on after my workout.