Bob Dikman

We recently welcomed a new tenant into our offices at 1315 S. Howard Avenue. His name is Dr. Radley Griffin, and he is a medical physician who provides his clients with concierge medical care. Not only is he our newest tenant, he is also my personal doctor.

Dr. Griffin’s practice is  unique. Some people call it concierge or boutique medicine, but Dr. Griffin  prefers to call it ‘good, old fashion, family medicine.’ Dr. Griffin’s services are all inclusive, and he even makes house calls!  His patients know they can contact him at anytime for any medical need and they won’t  have to wait a month to get an appointment. His services are specialized and customized to meet the needs of each of his patients. He has created a ‘concierge relationship’ with his patients.

In the world of commercial  real estate, The Dikman Company is a strong believer in building similar  concierge relationships with our clients and customers. We want them to know  they can contact us for ANY of their commercial real estate
needs. We will ALWAYS go above and beyond the call of duty for
our clients to insure that we exceeded their expectations.

Last month, we sent out a  company survey to obtain feedback from our valued clients and customers. This  type of feedback is vital to us in ensuring that we continue to provide the  level of service and satisfaction that our clients have come to expect from us. Thank you all for participating and providing us with your input.

One thing is crystal clear in  the commercial real estate industry, developing strong business partnerships is  vital to long term success. At The Dikman Company it is the cornerstone of  everything we do. As our tagline states, we are Raising the Bar in Customer  Satisfaction, and if there is anything we can do for you specifically,
please do not hesitate to ask. And by the way, we can also make house