Lex Goldenberg

Lex Goldenberg

The Dikman Company
(813) 220-5959

Lex Goldenberg has over 35 successful years in the automobile and truck parts industries. Known for his honesty, strong work ethic and keen sense of management, his fortitude is an asset to The Dikman Company clients. Since he has knowledge of many areas of the commercial industry, he is a perfect fit for helping our clients with their commercial real estate needs.

His strengths are in sales, P&L management, operations and executive management.  Since he is well-versed in the most critical areas of running a business, including manufacturing and distribution, he is able to formulate the best answers for client needs.

“Lex’s forward-thinking attitude has helped companies achieve exceptional goals as he is able to make suggestions about what aspects a company should look for when looking for a commercial property,” expressed Bob Dikman, Chairman and CEO of The Dikman Company.

Following his guidance, companies are able to feel their needs accommodated today as well as see where future growth can take place within the space he helps his clients to acquire.

Learn more about working with Lex by watching this video.