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This month’s feature video is a little bit different from some of the past videos that we have shared with you. Bob and I decided to create this video ‘The Beginning of a Legacy’ to share with you a little bit about The Dikman Company and how we came to be. One of the things you may not know is that I am the 4th generation of family to be involved in the commercial real estate industry. I guess you could say it is ‘in my blood’. READ MORE »

Bob Dikman, Chairman & CEO

As some of you may know, I am an active member of SIOR (Society of Industrial and Office Realtors). This year I am honored and proud to have been appointed to the position of Speaker of the Council of Presidents. I am a strong believer and supporter of this excellent commercial and industrial real estate association.

One of the newest endeavors set forth by SIOR was the formation of the Independent Brokerage Group in May of last year. The purpose of the Independent Brokerage Group (“IBG”) is to create and sustain a network of highly qualified, independent SIOR brokers across the country to collaborate, share information and enhance business opportunities for its members. READ MORE »

Ben Dikman

In the ever changing world of  real estate, one thing I have learned is that your life can get pretty crazy.  Between listing appointments, showing property, managing properties, dealing  with tenants and landlords our days are often non-stop, action packed, and at times stressful. Our personal lives and  activities sometimes get pushed to the back burner as we try to accomplish (and  complete) our never-ending ‘to do’ list.
Before I made commercial real
estate my profession, I spent several years in the corporate sector. Life was
pretty structured. I worked from 9 – 5 pm, came home and worked out, had dinner
at 7, went to bed at 10….and then got up the next day and did the SAME
. Needless to say, that type of monotony can get pretty old.

Bob Dikman

We recently welcomed a new tenant into our offices at 1315 S. Howard Avenue. His name is Dr. Radley Griffin, and he is a medical physician who provides his clients with concierge medical care. Not only is he our newest tenant, he is also my personal doctor.

Dr. Griffin’s practice is  unique. Some people call it concierge or boutique medicine, but Dr. Griffin  prefers to call it ‘good, old fashion, family medicine.’ Dr. Griffin’s services are all inclusive, and he even makes house calls!  His patients know they can contact him at anytime for any medical need and they won’t  have to wait a month to get an appointment. His services are specialized and customized to meet the needs of each of his patients. He has created a ‘concierge relationship’ with his patients. READ MORE »

By: Ben Dikman, Vice President, The Dikman Company
I’m a big fan of  CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) shows on
television. I especially enjoy the final court room drama scenes that
always come up during the final 15 minutes of the show. Those powerhouse
attorneys battle it out to the bitter end, pulling out all punches, and doing
whatever it takes to get their case to win. That’s pretty impressive

By: Bob Dikman ALC, CCIM, CRB, SIOR

Chairman & CEO, The Dikman Company




Auto racing and commercial realcestate have more in common than you might think. This past month I hadcthe opportunity to participate in a race that drove (no pun intended)cthat message home to me on all levels. I was honored to be asked to serve againcas an official spotter for the Rolex 24 the weekend of January 28th. If you are
not familiar with what a spotter actually does during the race, let me explain.


By: Ben Dikman, Vice President, The Dikman Company
I recently put my house on the  market. Because I live in Brandon but spend most of my time (both personal and  professional) in South Tampa, it makes perfect sense for me to live there. When I contacted a Realtor to begin showing me potential homes to purchase, I was  very specific with my geographic request:
South TampaIt is the ‘right’ place for me (the client). READ MORE »


 Bob Dikman, ALC, CCIM, SIOR, CRB, Chairman & CEO

I have never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions. I believe that New Year’s Resolutions actually set you up to fail! Think about it, every year we create a very hefty list of resolutions that we vow to begin following immediately, yet we have no idea as to HOW we are going to achieve these resolutions. By the time February rolls around, most of us have fallen off the proverbial wagon and fallen victim to the same old


By: Bob Dikman, ALC, CCIM, CRB, SIOR   Chairman & CEO      

For those of you who know me well, you know that in addition to being involved in
the commercial real estate industry, I am also very active in auto racing. It has been a hobby of mine for most of my life. Since my teenage years, I have been involved in automobile racing and I earned my racing license through Skip Barber Racing School after participating in many lapping events and race series.


By: Bob Dikman, ALC, CCIM, SIOR, CRB, Chairman & CEO

We have all heard the ‘doom and gloom’ stories about the commercial real estate market for several years now. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of it! I have always been a ‘glass half full’ kind of guy and never before has this been so true as it is
now in how we look at the commercial real estate industry.

There has never been a better time to buy or lease commercial real estate. The
prices are right, the deals are out there, and real estate is (and always has been) an
excellent place to put your money. READ MORE »